UKG Lays Off Over 2,200 Employees in Restructuring Effort

On July 3rd, 2024, US software giant UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) implemented a significant workforce reduction, laying off approximately 2,200 employees. This represents a 14% decrease in the company’s total staff, which numbered around 15,882 in June 2024.

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Reasons for the Layoffs

In a company email obtained by the Business Journal, UKG CEO Chris Todd explained that the layoffs were part of “organizational changes that allow us to aggressively focus on critical areas.” The company cited the need to prioritize investments in strategic growth sectors as a driving force behind the decision. This restructuring follows a smaller workforce reduction of 1.7% implemented by UKG in 2023.

Impact on Employees

The layoffs primarily targeted UKG’s US workforce and spanned various departments. Impact in India was widespread. UKG has been closed for 2 days after the layoff. QA was badly impacted as close to 300 Testers were impacted. UKG has big office in Sector-62 Noida. Impact was across multiple levels from Senior to Junior. News of the job cuts spread quickly on social media platforms like LinkedIn, with several impacted employees posting about their experiences.

Uncertainty and Moving Forward

This recent development has undoubtedly caused uncertainty for many UKG employees. The company has not disclosed details regarding severance packages or outplacement services offered to those who lost their jobs.

The future trajectory of UKG remains to be seen. While the company maintains that these layoffs are necessary for strategic growth, their impact on employee morale and overall company culture is yet to be determined.

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